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    Pop up escape room.


    Play Dark Magik, London's first escape room in complete darkness.


    Canning Town, London.


    Blind and partially sighted accessible.

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    Gather a Team

    Get a team of 2-5 Players.


    Enter Olrephior's Lair

    Olrephior's Lair is in COMPLETE DARKNESS!


    Search & Solve

    You have 60 minutes to find 6 Dragon Eggs! Solve puzzles and search the darkness to find them.


    GET OUT!

    Be gone before Olrephior returns.

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    Looking for a Team building event? Then look no further, our escape room is a fun alternative to normal team building sessions and requires your team to communicate with each other to solve the puzzles and make their way around the room.

    For team building enquiries please call us on: 07934021270 or drop us an email: accessescape@gmail.com.


    T&C's: Please be aware anyone under the age of 16 or over the age of 70 will not be able to take part in this room. Please be aware anyone who is pregnant will not be able to take part in this room.

  • FAQ

    All you need to know.

    If you cannot find what you are looking for then please drop us a line: 07934021270 or email us at: accessescape@gmail.com


    How dark is the escape room?


    You will be in complete darkness throughout your whole experience and will not have any light to guide you through the room.


    Is the room scary or dose it have any jump scares?


    No, we do not have any jump scares in the room, no actors, sudden loud noises or anything too scary and groups usually find the activity to be funny rather than scary. Obviously this can differ from person to person as our room is in complete darkness so if you do have a fear of the dark it may be unnerving. 


    Can I bring my guide dog?


    Yes, your guide dog is more than welcome to our venue, however they will not be able to go in to the escape room with you as it would be dangerous for them to walk around in the dark and could be distressing. They would be more than welcome to wait outside the room with your game master whilst you play the game. 


    Who can take part?


    Anyone between the ages of 16 - 70 and not pregnant is able to take part in this room. Please be aware there is a set of stairs at the venue leading up to the room. Anyone aged 16 or 17 will need their parent or guardian to sign our waiver form for them on the day of play. Please be aware you are in complete darkness throughout the experience so if you have any concerns about this, contact us on 07934021270 or drop us an email: accessescape@gmail.com before you book your game. 
    Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
    No, unfortunately our venue is not wheelchair accessible.
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